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18 June 2007 @ 09:26 pm
Crime Crossover 2007  
babylil, meeshy and thudjack present...

Crime Crossovers 2007 crimecrossover...

What is Crime Crossovers 2007?

The Crime Crossover Ficathon is a fiction exchange where writers sign up to write a crossover based on the requests of another writer, and get a story written for them in return. The crossovers involve crime shows (Shocking, we know!).

Interested??? Go check out crimecrossover, and the Rules & Sign-Up post here!!

While Conviction is not listed on the Master List of fandoms we are trying to encourge as mny fandoms as possible to take part. Conviction can be chosen as a wildcard fandom, see the sign up post for details.

Also? If you are a member of any crime fandoms/communities/mailing lists and they allow pimping, please feel free to either pimp this, or let usknow where we can pimp it!!