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For fans by fans

Conviction Friday Nights on NBC
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Airs: Fiday Nights 10/9pm Central

"Conviction", a new legal drama from Dick Wolf (‘Law & Order’-brand series), focuses on young assistant district attorneys in New York as they struggle with a demanding case load that challenges their lack of experience. Although this is not a spin-off of any "Law & Order" show, this show still takes place in that universe, proven by Stephanie March returning as ADA Bureau Chief Cabot from "Law & Order: SVU".

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  • All spoilers must be nehind a LJ cut tag. This goes for icons, fanart, and fanfics that could be considered spoilerish.

  • Respect all members

  • No flame wars

  • No fake lj accounts. If you are going to join, join with the lj you use on a daily basis

  • You may promote -some communites. No rating communites, secret communites, celeb rp communites, roleplay communites that aren't based on a Dick Wolf show. Community mods do have the right to delete the promo post if they don't think it fits.

  • Have fun

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